Different Craps Bets

Online Craps is an option as well

Those who wish to avoid crowded casinos and play in a comfortable environment should opt for online Craps. Having a comfortable couch is just the thing you need to feel the excitement of this game. Do not get overexcited: Craps seems to be a simple game, it is easier to play craps than blackjack, for instance; nevertheless you should learn the basic rules of this game, inspite of the fact it is a game of luck, as well as keno.

  • Players place bets in their attempt to predict the numbers from a six-sided dice.
  • Different players, place BETS and the casino bank "covers " them:


  • this one roll bet releases 14 to 1 rewards. The 17 to 1 odds trigger a maximum of 16.66% house percentage.
  • the 4 to 1 odds trigger a maximum of 16.66% house percentage as well. The bet releases 5 to 1 rewards.
  • In case of Buy Bets, you should roll 4 or 10. For this reason Buy Bets downgrade house edges to 4.76%.
  • In case of Place Bets, the 4 and 10 pay 9 to 5, which in turn determines a 6.66% house edge. The 5 and 9 pay 7 to 5, which in turn determines a 4% house edge. The 6 and 8 pay 7 to 6, which in turn determines a 1.51% house edge.
  • One of the most lucrative bets is called Pass Line. The house edge is incredibly small: 1.414%.
  • Slightly more lucrative is the Don't Pass bet. (1.402%)
  • It is easy as pie: the antagonist of the Come Bet is the Don't Come bet. House percentages are the same as in the case of the previous 2 bet types.
  • Hard Ways force you to bet on 4, 6, 8 and 10. Rewards are 9 to 1 in case of 6/8 and 7 to 1 in case of 4/10. A really disappointing bet: 9.09%/11.11% house edge.
  • Hit 2, 3 or 12 and you'll get Any Craps! (7to1>11.11%)
  • The Field (2to1 on 12 or 2 > 5.55%)
  • You'll recognize a Horn Bet right after it was announced. Players shout "$4 horn bet!" If they are lucky, they will be rewarded with a 30 for 1 payoff (2or12), 15 for 1 payoff (3or 11), 35 to 1 (2or12) and 17 to 1 (3or11).
  • Big 6 and 8 engulfs a 9.09% house edge.
  • The player can obtain odds only after making a point. The players will get 3 to 2 in case of 5&9, 2 to 1 in case of 4&10 and 6 to 5 in case of 6&8.
  • Proposition Bets are typical one roll bets.
Any 7 wins when 7 is rolled5 to 1 payoff
11 winswhen 11 is rolled16 to 1 payoff
Any Craps winswhen 2, 3 or 12 is rolled8 to 1 payoff
Ace Deuce winswhen 3 is rolled16 to 1 payoff
Aces or Boxcars winswhen 2 or 12 is rolled30 to 1 payoff
Horn Bet winswhen 2,3,11 or 12 is rolledpayoffs according to the number
Hardwayswhen 1-1,3-3 is rolled before a 74&10 8 to 1 payoff/6&8 10 to 1 payoff
Play and enjoy

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There are many online casinos and if you are a beginner it might be not so easy to choose what is yours.

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There are many online casinos and if you are a beginner it might be not so easy to choose what is yours.