The Ultimate Casino Guide

Separate the seed from the weed

The most precious stones - they say - are well hidden in the core of the earth. It seems that everything that is scattered on the surface resembles garbage. With so many online gambling opportunities, finding a genuine game is a serious endeavor. Time has come to unleash a secret weapon: meet the ultimate Casino Guide.

The jewels of this industry

The online treasure case comprises the cream de la cream of gambling: blackjack, baccarat, craps, keno, roulette, pai gow poker, sic bo, punto banco, video poker and slots.

Despite a harsh competition, die-hard fans find it easy to uninstall most of the brand new games. This can be explained by the fact that no matter how many new types of casino games get launched on the market, webmasters fail to notice a detail: all of them are hybrids. Gamblers need something that is long-lasting, something that can make history and not something that becomes history!

Here are some of the greatest survivors of modern times:

  • Baccarat features the lowest possible house edge: only 1.06%. Whenever baccarat is uttered, people tend to think of James Bond and his glamorous lifestyle. Contrary to Blackjack, baccarat determines the player to total as close as possible to 9. At this game, players cannot spoil themselves, they are hit with extra cards, unlike in Blackjack where they can decide to stand or hit.
  • Blackjack is the ideal entry level game and for this reason it occupies a privileged place in every Casino Guide. You should probably know it by know, blackjack focuses on getting as close as possible to 21 without exceeding this number. Players can hit or stand whenever they want with the purpose of avoiding busts. Winners are declared after the hands are revealed: he/she is the one closest to 21.
  • Craps is an American product that can be associated with fun and confusing. One bad move and your money is wasted! This dice game features house edges ranging from 1% to 16%. Players gather around a large betting table, while one of them shoots the dice. All the others place bets as different as night and day.
  • It would be a shame to discard roulette, this top 5 candidate of any Casino Guide! Whether it is American Roulette or European Roulette we're talking of, all the tables come equipped with a roulette wheel, a layout meant for various bets and a ball. The players will try to guess the pocket where the ball will land and place chips accordingly (odd/even numbers, red/black, etc.)
  • It goes without saying that slot machines have grown into a stereotype since their invention. Think of Las Vegas and you'll be associating it with slots. The more reels, the greater the entertainment. The more you bet, the higher the payout. Hit a progressive jackpot and ensure yourself a hassle free life: you can easily go beyond $1,000,000. The sky is the limit!
Play and enjoy

You are the real lucky gambler if you have already found a casino which is the most appropriate for you and can offer its clients good conditions. In case you are still looking for something qualitative it is our pleasure to help you.

Every gambler dreams to earn as much money as possible at casino. We are assured about your good luck but it is for your benefit to choose an appropriate online casino bonus. It is not difficult to make a decision concernig this point and it always depends on the amount you are ready to put on your casino deposit - the more money you deposit, the better bonus you`ll get. It`ll be very useful to check our casino guide that may help you with bonuses, peculiarities of casino security, variety of casino games and other important aspects.

There are many online casinos and if you are a beginner it might be not so easy to choose what is yours.

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There are many online casinos and if you are a beginner it might be not so easy to choose what is yours.