Card counting

Counting cards in Blackjack isn`t an advanced science. It just means counting and remembering every dealt card form the deck to know what cards are next. You can find more detailed information about counting cards at the following links:

  • KO Count
  • Hi-Lo Count
  • Hi-Opt I Count
  • Hi-Opt II Count

Counting cards- the system

Before starting to count cards at blackjack you need to understand the system which is based on tracking dealt cards and changing betting type accordingly.

When counting cards you begin from 0 and this number will change after every dealt card to you, to the dealer or one of the other players.

The purpose is having a positive count which means a great number of small cards were dealt and more high cards are going to be dealt. More high cards in the deck means more advantages for the player:

  • More busting from the Dealer
  • More blackjacks dealt
  • Higher Starting hands dealt

A high card count means bigger bets because the mathematical advantage is bigger, but this is not all. Card counting must be continued even when winning. When card counting starts to be low or neutral, the casino has the edge and you bet low.

How to master Card Counting

If you practice counting skills for several months or even years until you can do it flawlessly you will become a master. Counting cards can be done anywhere, not just when playing blackjack and of cause we are talking about card games, not roulette or slot machines.

To practice you can create counting charts, small enough to fit your pocket perfect for practicing anywhere, which will show your hand and the up hand of the dealer. Every time you need to recite the next move. If it is hard, turn back to the basic charts.

The best system

The best system is the one that suits you and your knowledge best, depending on your experience, game types you like, places you play at. There is no general rule.

Beginners can learn the easier systems like, the Hi-Lo or the KO count. Practice a lot before switching to other complex systems (which only have an advantage of 0.15 %). It can take time.

Card Counting History

Professor Edward Thorp realized in 1962 that when the deck had fewer 5`s than few other cards the player was in advantage so players started counting dealt 5`s. The method was called the "Five Count" and later it became the "Ten Count" because it counted 10 cards also.

Card counting legally

Research first, but as far as we know if you don`t use any devices card counting is legal. But if a casino catches a counter they will ask him to leave the private property but cannot take legal action.

Play and enjoy

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There are many online casinos and if you are a beginner it might be not so easy to choose what is yours.

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There are many online casinos and if you are a beginner it might be not so easy to choose what is yours.